Effective cold or warm market recruitment and optimally managing customer relations, that is Evelenty-one's raison d'être.

It's all about 'creating possibilities': finding and keeping long term clients. If you wholeheartedly believe in your product or service, 'Elenty-one aims to convey the enthousiasm and wholehearted belief you have in your product or service'. Eleventy-one makes the right impression thanks to a personal and thorough approach.

Eleventy-one provides well coordinated business events,setting the stage for profitable encounters. We pride ourselves on a professional approach, striving not just to meet your expectations, but always to exceed them. Eleventy-one always gives it a 111 percent!

With an established patronage and a large network of relations including businesses in the Nothern Netherlands ánd North West Germany, Eleventy-one has a clientele of mostly small and medium enterprises. Eleventy-one is committed to be of added value to those who want to raise the bar in customer service, both within The Netherlands and across the border.

"Personal involvement, ambition and persuasiveness; an added value to you and your company"

Elenty-one was founded in June 2011 by Ella Huizinga.

"I'm convinced that perfect relationship management is the key to success and increased revenue. My goal is to take care of the sales and retention trajectories of small and medium enterprises and make them more efficient, effective and profitable. In order to achieve that, I believe the starting point is a long term business relationship. I'm specialized in arranging business-to-business events, which are an excellent way to gain new connections and to manage and improve existing durable relationships. I ensure that business events, such as conferences, congresses, office gatherings, fairs, and meetings run smoothly."

Would you like to meet me? I would gladly present the possibilities I offer, and to show you how you can earn back your investment. You can contact me (without obligations) by calling +31 6 25250354 or by sending an e-mail to: info@eleventy-one.nl.'

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"Openness, clarity, and commitment are our core values. Eleventy-one pays sincere attention to the client, and we always keep our agreements."

Eleventy-one enthousiastically searches and selects potential clients. Not only do we map your company's opportunities on the markets of The North Netherlands and North West Germany, we also approach interesting parties. Eleventy-one has a thorough knowledge of these enterprises: who they are, what they do and how interesting they are for you as a client. Through both telemarketing and personal sale, Eleventy-one brings you into contact with them.

With imagination and empathy, by thinking along and asking the right questions, Eleventy-one appears as a good representative of your company. Your enterprise is enriched with a professional moderator who can clearly condense the main points and who can oversee an effective follow-up process. Obtaining a new regular client is always the objective, and Eleventy-one achieves this goal through excellent customer relationship management.

Are you interested in making use of the network and the acquisitional skills of Eleventy-one, and expanding your customer base? Contact us, without obligations, by phone or e-mail.

"Eleventy-one is driven by making new business contacts. Creating possibilities is our most exhilarating challenge."

Effectively finding new customers – acquisition – is extremely valuable. But to give the right kind of attention to maintaining customers, or retention, is often much more lucrative. Investing in your existing relations and receiving sequential commissions by satisfied clients is vital for creating a recurring revenue. Eleventy-one helps you keep your current and future clients by managing crucial aspects of your customer relationships.

Eleventy-one provides transparency. Thanks to the personal approach and the clear agreements both you and your clients know what to expect. Eleventy-one is thé faithful and trustworthy interlocutor for your clients and undeniably adds to the quality of the services you are offering.

Do your clients deserve more attention? Eleventy-one can tend to the complete rentention trajectory. Don't hesitate to contact us, without any obligations.

"Eleventy-one turns one-time commissions into long-term business relationships. This creates reliable relations based on mutual trust."

Eleventy-one coordinates business events, functions as a project manager and is the mediator for all the involved parties and subcontractors. The certainty of a good preperation, a reliable execution and the right follow-up are of immense value, and this means you don't have to worry about the realisation of your event. That way, you can freely participate in your own event and even gain new contacts, which can possibly lead to durable business relations.

External relations are valuable, but the importance of the relationship between you and your associates should not be underestimated either. They are your most important ambassadors. A memorable office gathering or a well organised meeting offers a great opportunity to look ahead together, to show your appreciation, and to get inspired.

Do you have an idea for a business event? Your conference, congress, office gathering, fair, or meeting is in good hands with Eleventy-one. Don't hesitate to contact us, without any obligation.

"During an event, Eleventy-one is the pivot around which the involved parties revolves. This leaves you free to establish valuable relationships with your guests."






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"Personal involvement combined with persuasiveness. That is how Eleventy-one adds to your company"